In this section, we offer you reindeer husbandry practices in Finland. These practices are commented on by the reindeer farmer himself. Foreign films are partly subtitled in english. They are free of copyright, so do not hesitate to use them in your educational activities. However, we ask users to respect the point of view of the breeders with regard to the ethics that we promote in the Anicare project.

R1- We produce what customers from the South so wish

R2- Combine traditional and formal education and learning

R3- Sami people are the only ones in EU that have to protect wolverines.

R4- predators kill my reindeers

R5- I love, respect and eat my reindeers

R6- Reindeer is half tame and often grazes freely

R7- Reindeers are depending on real forests and prefer continuous growing.

R8- Sami people were living at mercy of wild nature, now they have to adapt