Discussion for philosophical purposes

In a nutshell, the DVP (discussion with a philosophical aim), with a very formal animation, allows a group to learn to mobilize the three main operations of the philosophical discussion: to argue, conceptualize, problematize. It makes it possible to deal with a complex subject by favouring reason rather than opinion. It is also an approach that allows us to learn to listen, to tolerate the thoughts of others...

The objective

of the DVP is therefore threefold: - work on transversal skills: listening, concise speech, reformulation, respect for difference, formulating ideas and questions, etc.
- contribute to the questions of "Humanity" without seeking a definitive answer
- mobilize and work on capacities to philosophize: argue, problematize, conceptualize.


Duration: from one hour to 1h30. Number of participants: 15 and more


The meeting is closed at the invitation of the President.
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The ability to discuss with a philosophical focus

This aim of the debate is to:
- Conceptualize: make a notional distinction, have it defined (what are the different forms of animalities? Are there several ethics? Which ones? ...)
- Problematize: ask questions from the question. Question an argument, an example,...
- Argue: give examples, base a proposal for an answer or a point of view,...


PHILOCITY sheet: http://www.philocite.eu/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/PhiloJeunes_Belgique_PhiloCite_Fiches_methodo_03_La_DVDP.pdf
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