Integrating the Anicare process into the educator’s curriculum


Animal welfare education is not necessarily integrated in the educator’s curricula for several reasons. The topic is new and controversial. Education for animal welfare is not considered as a competence of the educator (more specifically that of vets or agronomy engineers).


Integrate animal welfare education in an educator’s curriculum.

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The trainer has a degree of freedom to introduce the subject into his/her teaching. He/she may also use feedback from internships in professional structures to work with the trainees on the difficulties they may have encountered. If the issue of failure to take animal welfare into account is reported, it is an excellent opportunity to question the professional posture to be adopted, in order to encourage better consideration.

Pitfalls and recommendations

The issue is mentioned in some curricula, but the topic is not currently handled because it is considered as too “irritating” and opinion dividing. In such a case, it can be a great opportunity to “use” the emotion it creates to generate a debate.