Battle of arguments

In a nutshell. Two groups discuss a controversial topic (one group for / one group against) but only 2 participants representing their group will actually speak. The other members of the group will participate, but in silence...

conditions of implementation

Duration: from 30 mn to 1h
Group size: between 10 and 25
Material: paper, pens
Operational objectives on the method:
- Learn to argue.
- Have an opinion debate.
Operational objectives on the subject:
- Explore the subject.
- Collect arguments and counter-arguments.


1. Choose a question (example: Is it acceptable to kill animal?)
2. 5 mn: each group reflects on its arguments.
3. 15-20 mn: each group chooses 2 representatives for the debate. The rest of the participants are positioned behind the speakers. The group must remain silent while the representatives argue, counter-argument,...

As the debate progresses, each silent participant in his or her group
may find other arguments that it communicates in writing to one of its
representatives on a small piece of paper. The latter must then take it up to relaunch the debate.

4-End of debate: the moderator stops the debate even if it has not been successful.

5. Assessment of the debate: discussion with the 2 groups on "what is arguing? "Do you have an answer to the question asked? Etc.

Interests and limits

Advantages: allows you to practice argumentation and negotiation
Points of vigilance for the facilitator: respect the different times, impose the

Disadvantages: difficult to keep silence or calm in the group. This method has the advantage of adding many arguments, but it stimulates anger, certainties, bad faith, ideology, etc.