Significant professional situations of the educator

The significant professional situations represent the key situations which, when mastered, are sufficient to give an account of all the skills mobilized in the work. We will focus on the occupational situations that allow the implementation of animal welfare education within Anicare's conceptual framework.

Significant professional situations
Create and maintain a confident atmosphere
Take a benevolent, non-judgmental stance and define a framework that allows the learner to express him/herself authentically and use mistakes as a lever for learning.
Highlight learners’ conceptions about animal welfare and build an adapted pedagogical strategy
Elaborate and implement a pedagogical situation whereby learners become aware of the representations they make and the trainer can observe the obstacles to be overcome and define a related pedagogical strategy.
Build and lead a situation-problem
Adapt a situation-problem according to the level of the learners and the obstacles to be overcome.
Lead debates where values and emotions are expressed
Choose the theme of the debate and lead it to allow learners to develop their own arguments. Integrate controversies related to animal welfare into the learning process.
Deploy a pedagogical strategy combining individual, group and plenary sessions
Institutionalize the main learnings of the pedagogical strategy
Offer the learner the possibility of taking a step back from active engagement in the pedagogical strategy, in order to highlight the main concepts related to the teaching intention.
Evaluate the learning process according to the learner’s own requirements and acquisition
To develop and lead a strategy of self- and co-evaluation