Meat sheep - Relation with farmer

SR1 - Animal welfare means being able to go out, to run, to eat outside

SR2 - put your fingers in your mouth so that you don't have to force

SR3 - Comfort for the sheep's welfare

SR4 - Adapting to the rhythm of the ewes

SR5 - Creating trust, reducing the escape distance

SR6 - I keep two goats to maintain a relationship with the herd

SR7 - I want a close relationship with the herd

Create breeder animal relation - debat

SR3- Animal welfare, projection of the breeder? - a scientific viewpoint

SR7 - A domestic contract - a scientific viewpoint

SR3-SR7- Animals prefer to be outdoors - a scientific's viewpoint

SR1 - no stress or adaptation to the environment -A philosopher's viewpoint

SR1-SR3- rearing them outdoors or in the sheepfold- a scientist's viewpoint

SR8 - Relationship of the herd to the dog - a scientist's viewpoint

SR1 - SR3 - aising outdoors or in the sheepfold? - opinion of scientist

SR8 - the role of the dog - opinion of scientist

SR7 - variations in breeder-animal relations- opinion of scientist

SR3 - SR7 - animals feel well outside - opinion of scientist

SR8 - building the relation in a continuing process- opinion of scientist

SR1 - positive emotion and natural behavior - opinion of scientist