Dairy cows - Bedding

CB1 - Well strawed cubicles offer more serenity

CB2 - We put up tatami mats for the comfort of our cows

CB1-CB2 - AW is a balance between animal and environment - Expert opinion

CB1-CB2 - Ethological needs of the cows - Expert opinion

CB3 - The « paillot" principle or leaving the cow free to choose

CB4-The sand bed transmits comfort and health to my cows

CB5-The straw bed provides rest and relaxation for the cows

CB6 - With the Canadian system we know our cows better

CB7 - wood shavings, cheapest and easiest to spread

CB8 - Comfort is given by soft, dry and wide beds and temperature control

CB1-CB2 - Animal-Based Welfare Assessment - Expert opinion

CB1-CB4-CB8- expert opinion